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Meet The Owner

In the spotlight of creation stands Michele Guyton, a wordsmith, podcaster, and unwavering devotee of the aromatic symphony. Emanating from the cradle of New Orleans, her journey unfurled through mornings painted in the hues of her mother's and sister's rituals. Each dawn was a canvas, incomplete without the magic of fragrant spritzes. The fragrances, anointed with memories, whispered tales of identity. Perfumes shared, soap scents borrowed – but it was Paris Hilton's essence, cradled in the embrace of seventh grade, that etched destiny's path.With her heart forever enchanted, the dance of olfactory wonders became Michele's self-care hymn. Hand-blending elixirs of scent, akin to verses spun from her very soul, ignited a symphony of admiration. From those notes of recognition, Soul Sacred Apothecary emerged in 2019 – a luminous constellation in the cosmos of beauty. An ode to confidence and an elevation of spirits, each creation is woven with threads of patience, woven with threads of creativity, and above all, woven with threads of love.Thus, welcome, wanderer, to the realm of Soul Sacred Apothecary, where magic unfolds in fragrant whispers. Anchored in Atlanta's embrace, our essence thrives in a delicate weave of nature's treasures. Botanical-infused alchemy is our creed, a testament to the latent wonders woven within earth's flora. As the dawn's kiss awakens the world, our crafts reverberate the essence of nature's embrace.

We believe in the tapestry that nature weaves, a wellspring of radiance that adorns the canvas of your skin. Botanicals, carefully selected, form a symphony of comfort and grace, an embrace that melds your essence with the earth's nurturing touch. Each product, a reverie of self-expression, speaks to your essence, fusing radiance with the poetry of plants.Amidst Atlanta's heartbeats, our story finds its cadence. We are a mosaic in the vibrant tableau of this metropolis, a tribute to its rhythm and soul. Botanicals are our muse, nature's melodies infused into our offerings, a harmony that dances to the city's heartbeat.Yet, Soul Sacred Apothecary is not merely a boutique; it is a chapter of dedication, a verse of devotion. Our craft is a labor of affection, every creation a stanza of intimacy between nature and your skin. Botanicals are not just ingredients; they are the messengers of your skin's desires, whispered into formulations with love's ink.And now, imagine fragrances as stories, encapsulated in every note. Citrus tales sparkle with zest, while lavender narratives soothe with whispered lullabies. Each botanical-infused fragrance is a love letter to the cosmos of nature's beauty. As each mist caresses your senses, a journey commences, a symphony that mirrors Atlanta's lush landscapes.

Soul Sacred Apothecary, an enchanting tale woven in fragrant tapestries, beckons. Michele's ardor, Atlanta's pulse, and nature's caress converge within every vial, every jar. For within these essences, history meets innovation, and the artistry of scent harmonizes with the rhythm of life.

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